Global market compliance certification consulting services for medical devices

Product categorization, testing and certification program planning; quality system certification counseling; regulatory training

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Major consulting services

We're good at the following certifications

  • U.S FDA registration

    All medical devices, foods, cosmetics, and laser radiation products intended to be legally marketed in the United States must be registered with the FDA

  • FDA 510K clearance

    Non-exempt medical devices must pass the certification items. Covers a small number of Class I, most class II and very few Class III products

  • FDA U.S Agent

    FDA rules: all non-AMERICAN enterprises selling medical devices in the United States must appoint an agent in the United States

  • EU CE marking

    It is mainly MDR certification for general medical devices and IDVR certification for in vitro diagnostic medical devices

  • ISO 13485 Certification

    The quality system certification must be completed before medical devices pass CE certification

  • EU Authorized Representative

    The EU Commission requires that all foreign companies selling products to EU must have an authorised representative inside EU

  • Features of Osman™

    In addition to providing you with professional compliance guidance, our professional technical reports are more easily recognized by audit agencies. Can save a lot of time and cost for your product testing certification

      • Professional compliance guidance

        Guide you (including on-site) to complete the system specification of certification project requirements

      • Professional technical report

        Write the technical review report to meet the requirements of the audit agency

      • Follow up and grow together

        To establish long-term and stable strategic partnership with you, and continue to escort you

    • Consulting team
      • Guidance
      • Professional report
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    Teams of Osman™

    Our branches are around the world, together to provide you with the best quality certification consulting services

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      • [Not cheating] adopt long-term win-win pricing strategy, reasonable price

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      • [Care about] Regular customers continue to get long-term cooperation discounts and priority

      • [Together grow] Channels and peers can treat each other with courtesy and seek common development

      • The price is transparent and worry-free. All sales adopt uniform quotation

      • Reasonable fees are charged according to the progress of the project and refunded according to the final result

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    • U.S FDA related

      Low from


      Annual payment according to the FDA

      EU CE related

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      One time payment, no fees for up to 5 years

    More compliance certification consulting services

    Our goal is to help you to pass all the compliance procedures before the product goes on sale

    • [CHINA] NMPA related

      Registration / certification, licenses of medical devices (including imported)

    • [AUSTRALIA] TGA related

      Certification must be done for medical devices and food products in Australia

    • [CANADA] HC related

      Certification must be done for medical devices and food products in Canada

    • [UK] UKCA / MHRA related

      UKCA marking and MHRA registration for medicial devices

    • [BRAZAL] ANVISA related

      Certification must be done for medical devices and food products in Brazil

    • JP/KR/RU/IDN etc.

      Certification must be done in Japan, Korea, Russia and Indonesia etc.

    • MDSAP

      One single audit for coving of the United States, Canada, Japan, Brazil and Australia

    • More System Certificaition

      ISO 9001/15378/22716/14001/45001 / FDA QSR 820

    • FSC Certification

      Including Forest Management(FM) and Chain of Custody(COC)

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